Neighborhood Music

Excellent Music Classes for Students in Rockford, IL, and Beyond

Turn your love of melody, harmony & rhythm into a skill everyone will appreciate. Through our music classes, students of all ages can develop these skills. We have fexible schedules and affordable rates. Lessons start as low as $20 per half hour.

Offering Online and In-Person Music Classes for Your Convenience

Neighborhood Music teaches music lessons in person to learners in the Rockford area. For those located elsewhere, we are able to conduct these lessons online through Google Meet. We are committed to helping kids, teens, and adults expand their musical horizons.

Our teachers are masterful musicians who introduce you to music theory, piano, violin, and more. We have taught hundreds of award-winning students over many years and owe our success to our gifted instructors and dedicated pupils.

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Expand Your Mind

Learning to read and play music offers many benefits, including improved academic, creative, and personal skills. With practice and discipline, you will enhance your reading, listening, abstract thinking, and fine motor skills. You can even learn to create your own songs.

Our lessons culminate in a recital for your friends and family. They will see how much you have learned and grown. Contact us today to sign up for our violin or piano lessons for adults and children.

Men Violinist Playing Classical Violin Music

Discover the Wonder of Music Theory

“That’s music to my ear” is a common phrase used to express someone’s emotional response to how a particular tune can make them feel. Go beyond expressing enjoyment for different songs by learning about music theory. With our help, you can develop a deeper appreciation for music.

Although it is overlooked in many classes, music theory will help you become more creative when playing musical instruments. You may not be interested in writing music at the onset. However, you can build a strong foundation for the future should you decide to become a songwriter or composer.

Helping You Develop Independent Learning Skills

With a strong foundation comes the ability to depend on your own merits. You will be able to run through pieces of music on your own and develop personalized warm-up exercises. Learning about music theory also helps you become more confident in your musical abilities.

Establishing a foundation rooted in music theory means your interest in a musical instrument will continue because you have developed a better understanding of it. At Neighborhood Music, we have found this to be true, especially for children. They tend to stay focused and continue on the path of learning with their instruments.

Utilizing Modern Musical Technology

By using various advancements in musical technology, we can make your piano, viola, and violin lessons more engaging. For example, during our piano lessons, you can learn music theory using an intelligent digital keyboard. This allows you to interact with musical selections on a computer screen, making the process more enjoyable.

Timing is essential to playing the piano well, but it is often a big issue when beginning to play. A digital keyboard offers the convenience of a built-in metronome and simple controls to adjust the tempo and beat. You may find that you can make significant progress at a faster rate.

Contact our experienced staff today to schedule a consultation at our music theory instruction facility in Rockford, IL.