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When you are looking for viola lessons in Rockford, IL, for your child, Neighborhood Music is the right solution. Similar but yet distinct from the violin, the viola is an exciting instrument, and our viola lessons are ideal for kids, teens, and adults. Viola is also a great choice for students who are interested in playing in an orchestra or a group —good viola players are always in demand!

Music Instruction

Through the lessons of Dr. Rosalie Sward, your child will learn to play their instrument along with the fundamentals of performing. With her years of experience as a musician and educator, Dr. Sward will work to help your child learn the basics of their instrument before moving onto more advanced mastery techniques. While all of her classes are one on one, Dr. Sward does provide her students with opportunities to perform in group recitals. Contact her office to learn more about her music lessons.

Teaching Theory

In addition to teaching her students how to play an instrument, Dr. Sward will also teach them music theory. This will help her students understand how to properly read and interpret music, as well as learn the fundamentals that go into songwriting and musical creation. By learning these fundamental aspects of music early, her students can decide to pursue a future as either a songwriter or composer. Additionally, Dr. Sward takes advantage of modern technologies, such as digital keyboards, when teaching theory to help her students learn at a faster pace.

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